Human Resources

Monetize your company’s human capital and increase your productivity.


Training Management

Ensures control of the continuous training of its employees, according to the Labor Code. Ensures the automation of official maps (Annex C, Single Report) as well as data collection for companies with QMS.

Lien Management

It facilitates the management of these processes, automatically fulfilling all legal requirements. It allows calculations of pledges of 1/3 and 1/6 or fixed amount.

Independent and other income

Fundamental for companies that have outsourcing contracts with self-employed workers. Allows the analysis and control of subcontracting, issuing official maps, processing receipts, etc.

General Box of Retirements

Essential module for companies that have collaborators or
administrative agents (civil and military) from the Central, Local and
Regional Public Administration on their staff.

Management of Vouchers and Meal Cards

Allows the management of food subsidy payments through vouchers and prepaid meal cards. Transfer to cards via PS2 file.

Layoff – Labor Code

With this module, you can easily activate the Layoff – Labor Code, in the event that a temporary reduction in the normal working period is necessary, or even a suspension of the employment contract, for a certain period of time.

SMS & Email Notification

Service that makes it possible to send SMS and/or Email directly from the ARTSOFT solution, to any third party included in the management software, whether external, such as customers or suppliers, or to company employees.

Calendar Management

Available for free in software v21 (March 2021). With this module you will facilitate the management of resources (employees, rooms, vehicles, functions, visitors, etc.), allowing a high planning of individual or collective tasks.

WEB Solutions

Employee Portal

Web platform so that your employees can independently manage their data, anywhere and on any device, as long as they have an Internet connection.


Business Intelligence (Power BI)

Integration that allows viewing data from Commercial Management, Human Resources, Accounting and Projects solutions in a simplified and objective way, allowing the user to create even other dashboards with data from other ARTSOFT solutions.

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