Accounting Standardization System for Public Administrations
The SNC-AP (Accounting Standardization System for Public Administrations) is the financial management solution developed by About Nav to meet the requirements of the new accounting standardization model approved in Decree-Law no. 195/2015, of 11 September.

Benefits of About Nav’s SNC-AP solution:

Global Financial Control: The solution allows you to control from the preparation of the Budget and the respective changes, execution and control, through the management of expenditure and revenue, appropriations and management of sources of financing until the consolidation and accountability.

Calculation of Available Funds: Calculation and automatic calculation of Available Funds according to the Law of Commitments and Late Payments.

Official Accountability Reports: Access to several annual / monthly management reports, financial reporting and economic-financial analysis maps, and income statement.

Integration with other management software management modules (ERP): Receipt and integration of accounting data related to expenditure processes with the consequent automatic accounting and document processing.